B2B Instant Payment Opportunities & Challenges

Posted by Laura Bedborough on 27-Mar-2019 19:15:47

Round Table Report – Challenges, disruption and opportunities in an instant payments world

Discussion hosted by Inbound FinTech, led by Apply Financial, Ebury Group, Form3 and Railsbank, on 28th February 2019

To the end-user, the advent of instant payments is an overdue recognition by banks and the broader payments industry of new realities and expectations in the digital economy. To payments providers, especially long-established players, the pros and cons are less clear cut. Instant payments can be viewed as both an exciting opportunity to deliver new services and a potentially terrifying existential threat.  

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Why B2B Faster Payments Demands Quick Thinking from Providers

Posted by Laura Bedborough on 18-Feb-2019 12:25:34

When the digital age gives us the power to make every-day commercial and financial decisions at the touch of a screen, we expect payments to be executed in real time too.

At the retail level, great strides are being made to deliver a truly seamless real-time user experience. In the B2B payments space, the needs and challenges are slightly different, with transparency and security often regarded as important as speed. But the opportunities are no less exciting and transformational – if the industry can work together to put the necessary building blocks in place.


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How To Reduce SEPA Payment Errors And Rejection Costs

Posted by Laura Bedborough on 18-May-2018 10:58:01


What does SEPA stand for?

The Single Euro Payments Area allows people and businesses throughout Europe to process and receive credit transfers, Direct Debits, and card payments just as easily as they would domestically.

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From Legacy To Lean: 3 Things You Need To Add To Your Payment System

Posted by Ian Cargullo on 25-Apr-2018 09:54:00


The payment or transaction page is the most important interaction many businesses can have with their customers. It might be their only interaction, but it might also be the start of a long relationship, and this can depend on how easy and secure the payment process is.

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How Your Business Can Process Mobile Payments Seamlessly

Posted by Laura Bedborough on 24-Apr-2018 21:01:30


80% of internet users own a smartphone, which means a large portion of online activity happens on a smaller screen. This doesn’t just mean ecommerce sites need to make sure they’re catering to mobile customers, banks are also focusing more on this particular part of their customers’ experience.

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7 Features A Payment Validation Service Just Has To Have

Posted by Ian Cargullo on 24-Apr-2018 20:33:02


Each failed payment processed through a business could cost £50 in charges, time spent fixing the error, resending costs, and exchange rate fluctuations. When looking for a solution, it’s important to make sure the data gathered and checked is as comprehensive and up to date as it can be to avoid any errors.

In total, Validate has saved over £125 million in operational costs for our clients and they’ve never lost a payment.

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We can validate BIC's for over 220 countries In addition in over 170 countries we can validate domestic and International payment details and suggest changes to help you and your customers stay up to date and compliant with the evolving world of payment legislation and rules.

Most of all we continue to add more countries to our Validate solution to present you with the de-facto standard in payment validation.

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