Error-Free Payments: The Data Validation Tools Your Payment System Needs

As people are more reliant on digital banking tools than ever before and expectations are high for seamless payment processing, payment errors are the bane of financial departments and PSPs. Failed payments are costly, but they are avoidable. We explore the possibilities of an environment of error-free payments and the role of data validation tools.

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New FinTech and Payments Trends During the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s been widely acknowledged that the global pandemic has led to changes in the way people are managing their finances. As a result, the payments space has had to adapt and FinTech providers and innovators have been addressing the new demands of consumers and businesses. We explore the changing FinTech trends during the global pandemic.

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Apply Financial’s Partnership with Currencycloud: A FinTech Collaboration Using Cloud-Based Payment Solutions

As anyone who was at Sibos 2019 in London will testify, it is an exciting time to be in FinTech, especially as a service provider in the UK. London, in particular, has become a leading hub of FinTech innovation. FinTech collaboration is key, and we recently partnered with fellow London-based payment technology provider Currencycloud. In this blog, we discuss how our cloud-based solutions combine to help improve cross-border payments.

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